Monday, November 7, 2016

Locations and Linkages

Today we are going to talk about the second of eight LEED categories within the certification system - Location & Linkages. The complete list of 8 categories is:

  1. Innovation & Design
  2. Location & Linkages
  3. Sustainable Sites
  4. Water Efficiency
  5. Energy & Atmosphere
  6. Materials & Resources
  7. Indoor Environmental Quality
  8. Awareness & Education
The Location & Linkages credits reward builders and homeowners for selecting sites that have more sustainable land-use patterns and offer environmental advantages over conventional developments. The idea is to minimize construction on undeveloped land, increase walkability, and utilize existing infrastructure. There are 10 credits available in this category and they are all intrinsic to the project site - and the Neuhaus project qualifies for all 10! Some of these points include:
  • Walkable distance to community resources such as convenience stores, schools, medical centers, restaurants, etc.
  • Building on a site that is previously developed and is close to existing water and sewer lines
  • Access to open spaces such as public parks
In "green building" we often think of materials used and building techniques but forget about the elements inherent site. However, improving existing sites instead of building on undeveloped land as well as reducing the need for cars as transportation are two important ways that buildings can greatly reduce their environmental impact!

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