Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Photo updates

Here are a few photos from the site as we wrap up construction. The pool was just filled and landscaping is next. Next week we will have a HERS rater come to do airflow testing on the bath fans and range hood. This will earn us two LEED points in EA 4.3 and 5.3 for verifying compliance with ASHRAE 62.2.

Stucco and sustainable Resysta for exterior cladding

LED hanging light over the kitchen island

Monday, June 5, 2017

The final countdown

The Neuhaus Residence is almost complete! We are wrapping up documentation for LEED credits pertaining to site sustainability, indoor environmental quality, and water efficiency. Once installed and verified by our Green Rater, the drought tolerant landscaping and water efficient irrigation system will constitute many LEED credits. We may technically be "out of the drought" in San Diego, but should always be extremely conscious about saving as much water as possible.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Neuhaus to be on this year's Green Homes Tour

We are excited to announce that the Neuhaus has been selected to participate in this year's Green Homes Tour on October 22 from 11am-4pm! The tour features 10-15 homes that exemplify residential sustainability and innovation. We will provide more information and a link to sign up as the tour approaches. Please email if you would like to be notified about sign up information.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tree reclamation

A large Aleppo pine needed to be taken down at the Neuhaus project and we decided to make the best use of it as possible. West Coast Milling planed it into planks to be reclaimed as tables or benches once properly dried out. We can't wait to see the final creation!

The planks are spaced apart so they can dry out 

Chris from West Coast Lumber

Doro Pirino (designer), Antje Heinz (homeowner), and JP (site supervisor)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Renewable Energy

We installed a 9.3 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof at the Neuhaus residence which will offset an estimated 63% of predicted energy use! After state incentives, this system should pay back the homeowners after 3 years. Not to mention, it earned the project a full 10 LEED credits in the EA10 - Renewable Energy credit category.

Prepping the racks

After the photovoltaic modules are installed. (30) 310W Talesun panels

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Durable and sustainable exterior cladding

The exterior cladding at the Neuhaus is Resysta, a durable and environmentally-friendly product that serves as a great alternative to wood. Unlike wood, it does not fade over time, absorb moisture, or allow pest infestations. It's fiber-reinforced hybrid material produced of approximately 60% rice husks, 22% common salt and 18% mineral oil. These are rapidly renewable materials and therefore will earn the project 0.5 LEED points in the Environmentally Preferable Products category. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Neuhaus, New Year - Update & Features

Things are moving along well. The Standing Seam Metal Roof installation is almost complete. This roofing color has a high Solar Reflective Index to reduce solar heat gain for the home, keeping it more comfortable in summer months and reducing any need for air conditioning (think "cool roof".) The metal is composed of recycled material, and in itself the roof is recyclable. Metal roofs also have a much longer lifetime than other types of roofs, such as composite shingles.

The second phase of stucco, "Brown Coat", has been completed and we are waiting the minimum 28-days of curing before we apply the final "color coat."

The shotcrete phase of the pool construction will be starting this week. This pool is being constructed by New Era Pools and will feature technology by Wellspring Water Technologies. The pool equipment uses around 30% of the energy used by other efficient pool systems, and best of all the pool will be chemical and salt free. The water in this pool is so clean and pure that it will be drinkable, and of far better quality than most people's indoor water in San Diego (due to the revolutionary technology by Wellspring.) Wellspring will also provide the treatment of both indoor water and landscaping water.

Landscaping water requirements will primarily come from recycled greywater from the home. We are finalizing the design for this system, and intend on sharing that design with others to make approvals through city jurisdictions much simpler. The backbone of the system will be constructed with materials from ReWater. The greywater reclamation/irrigation system is being designed and installed by our AGB Team member, Bill Wilson.

Inside the home, we have completed drywall installation and sprayed the drywall with Low-VOC oil-based primer by Zinnser. We have also painted the wood windows with ultra-low Dunn-Edwards "Evershield" premium paint which resists sun-fade (thus will not need repainting for many years).

We are currently moving into "finishes" phase with installation of cabinetry and tile. On target to complete the home by late March, 2017.