Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Benefits of Deconstruction

We are pursuing "Deconstruction" on this project, rather than "Demolition", with our friends at The ReUse People of America

Deconstruction is a Win-Win-Win: 1) Where possible, materials will be re-used, and that means less material going to the landfill;  2) Re-Used materials go to both partner organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, and to a retail sales outlet where folks can buy used materials at great prices; 3) The homeowner gets a great Tax Deduction as a "Non-Cash Charitable Contribution" which greatly offsets the entire cost of deconstruction.

Remaining materials from deconstruction primarily go to recycling centers, such as the EDCO transfer station in Escondido, or to Moody's where demolished concrete gets recycled.  Very little is transported to a conventional landfill. 

This holds true also for materials generated from the construction portion of the project: We stockpile construction waste materials for hauling to the recycling centers.  We even keep conventional weekly trash pickup service to recycle smaller materials generated from worker's lunches and that sort of thing.

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